Watch Touching Moment 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient “Marries” Favorite Nurse

Four-year-old Abby Sayles has leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer of the Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York when she met nurse Matt Hickling at the Pediatrics Ward.

It did not take long for Abby to “fall in love” with Matt. She later told her mother that she wished she could marry Matt. Immediately after hearing Abby’s wish, Matt made sure he and the young girl would get married the soonest time possible.

Within 24 hours of quick but efficient preparations, the “wedding” was done at the hospital. It was “officiated” by Dr. Jennifer Pearce and her other nurses were the bridesmaids.

The little bride was wearing a white gown and had a beautiful veil on her head. She also had a bouquet provided by Enchanted Garden Florist who had donated all the flowers used in the sweet wedding. After exchanging “vows” and ring pops, the newly married couple went back to Abby’s room on their “just married” car; though it was only the bride who was riding the tiny toy car while her groom pushed her towards the room.

What a sweet gesture from everyone involved, especially from Matt who is actually married in real life. Of course, Abby did not need to know that and she was ecstatic, hopping in the room wearing her wedding gown, exclaiming that it was the “best day of her life”, the groom narrated.

Watch their lovely wedding ceremony shared by Lori Ciafardoni‎ in this Facebook video:


Also known as cancer of the blood, leukemia is a type of cancer that affects blood cells. The exact cause of leukemia is yet to be determined but a number of risk factors have been determined, including exposure to chemicals such as benzene or radiation exposure.

Common symptoms include bleeding and bruising easily, pain in the joints and bones, body malaise, weight loss, loss of appetite, frequent infections, and swelling in the abdomen.

To date, treatment depends on the type of leukemia but most patients undergo chemotherapy. Some might need radiation therapy. A lot of patients with leukemia require numerous blood transfusions.

Featured image credit: Facebook/Amazing Abby

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