5 Foods with Amazing Anti-Ageing Properties

Instead of searching for anti-ageing products inside your bathroom cabinet, look for the ones readily available in your kitchen. That’s right! There are actually foods that can take away years on your face with their natural anti-ageing properties.

Take away time with these foods:


1. Papaya

Packed with high concentrations of vitamin C, papaya has benefits for skin healing as well as improvement of hair and nail health. Including it in your diet slows down the damage from free radicals and as a result, delays the signs of ageing and protects against UV damage. Eat it raw to reap more benefits.

2. Sugar

While eating sugar adds years to your face, putting it on the skin proves to be beneficial as it has moisturizing factor that helps draw moisture into the cells. Like a honey mask, it makes your skin plump. Sugar is ideal for keeping the skin hydrated particularly during colder winter months. In addition, it keeps your skin bright and radiant as it is a natural source of glycol acid. To make your own sugar mask, grind raw sugar into fine powder using a blender or coffee grinder. Mix it with olive oil and 1 teaspoon raw honey before applying it on your face.

3. Kombucha

When consumed, this probiotics reduces inflammatory responses, which is one of the causes of ageing. On the other hand, when kombucha is directly applied to the skin, it keeps the delicate balance of good bacteria on the surface of the skin. Try consuming the beverage version of kombucha, which is naturally sweet.

4. Japanese Wakame

Packed with anti-ageing vitamins A, C and E, Japanese wakame can delay the appearance of wrinkles. You can purchase it in powder or flakes and use it as a substitute to salt.

5. Argan Oil

Considered as a skin superhero, argan oil contains vitamin E that is twice the amount found in olive oil. Aside from protecting against ageing via UV damage, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, maintains moisture levels and helps heal scars. You can use culinary argan oil in place of olive oil. Avoid heating it.