Can You Do the Crazy Belly Button Challenge?

It seems that every week, a new challenge takes the internet by storm. Some are for a good cause (like the ice bucket challenge) but others are just plain crazy.

Take for example this new craze called the belly button challenge. This is supposedly done to determine whether you are skinny enough. All you have to do is to reach for your belly button using your hands but your arms have to go across your back.

If you can’t reach your belly button this way, then you are supposed to work out (or go on a diet) if you want to achieve the challenge. Like many internet challenges, there are no prizes for winning the challenge – except for bragging rights you can post on your social media pages, of course.

Not surprisingly, this crazy challenge quickly goes viral on social media. The original post on Chinese social media Weibo has been viewed over 170 million times since it was posted last June 10, 2015.

belly button challenge

Photo credit: Weibo/The Sydney Morning Herald

The challenge quickly received thousands of replies from people who tried; though most of the photos failed to achieve the correct position.

How about you? Can you handle this challenge? Skinny or not, many won’t be able to achieve this position unless they were flexible or have unusually long limbs and fingers.

And just to make you feel better, not all of those who can reach their belly buttons in this manner are skinny, either. Take Weibo user Sough Sa, the “Buddha Boy”, who became a viral hit after posting his photo for the challenge. You see, The Buddha Boy is not skinny – he is chubby yet he could reach his belly button!

Well, there really were many who were able to complete the challenge correctly but if you weren’t able to do it, then don’t worry. As The Sydney Morning Herald had pointed out, this one would soon be forgotten as another challenge comes along.

Anorexia Nervosa

Did you know that losing weight does not always equate to staying healthy? There are people who started out as a little overweight when they began their weight loss regime. However, instead of staying content with achieving their ideal body weight, they soon want to shed off some more of those “extra” pounds.

Before they knew it, they begin to look like living, walking skeletons made of skin and bones. This eating disorder is known as anorexia nervosa. Many of these anorexic people become so thin that they might find it difficult to move because their muscles have wasted away from too much starvation and dehydration.

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