10 Cool Uses of Petroleum Jelly

A medicine staple in every home, petroleum jelly is used to treat various ailments such as chest colds, diaper rash, toenail fungus, nosebleeds, as well as non-STD genital rashes. Aside from being an approved over-the-counter protectant, it is also popularly used in cosmetic skin care.

A jar of petroleum jelly has unexpected uses in every room of your home. Take a look at some of its extraordinary uses, according to Reader’s Digest.

PHOTO CREDIT: Petrofrefining.com

PHOTO CREDIT: Petrofrefining.com

1. Remove lipstick stains.

Before washing lipstick-stained fabrics, blot petroleum jelly to kiss the stains goodbye.

2. Take away chewing gum from wood.

Make your life easier by squeezing some petroleum jelly on the chewing gum. This technique will make the gum disintegrate making it easier for you to remove it on the wood.

chewing gum

3. Shine patent-leather shoes.

Polish your patent-leather shoes or bag using a petroleum jelly to make the luster stay longer.

4.Deters ants from pet food bowls.

To prevent your pet food bowls from being attacked by ants, ring it with petroleum jelly.

5. Stop erosion of battery terminal.

Petroleum jelly will prevent corrosion of battery terminals that usually happens during winter. Just disconnect the terminals, clean them with a wire brush, reconnect, then smear with petroleum jelly to solve the problem.

car battery

6. Prevent a bottle lid from sticking.

Having trouble opening bottle lids? Apply petroleum jelly along the rim of the bottle.

7. Remove wax from candlesticks.

Before putting candles in your holder, rub petroleum jelly on its insides to make wax easily pop out for cleaning.

8. Prevent an outdoor lightbulb from sticking.

Before screwing the bulb to an outdoor fixture, apply petroleum jelly on its base.

9. Lubricate windows and cabinets.

If you’re having trouble opening windows and cabinets, put petroleum jelly using a small paintbrush on the window sash channel and cabinet door runners.


10.Lengthen the life of perfume.

Do you want to make the scent of your perfume last longer? Dab a bit of petroleum jelly on your wrist then spray on the perfume.