Getting Pregnant at 17, Teenager Survives Challenges of Early Motherhood

A social media post from a girl named Danielle Gabrielle Rivera Manez has gone viral after she shared her journey in becoming a teenage mother. She was only 17 years old when she got pregnant.  Despite the many challenges that her early pregnancy has brought her, she still managed to keep her baby which made her now immeasurably happy.  Read her story and be inspired.

Danielle Gabrielle Rivera Manez is one among those we can consider ‘beauty and brains.’  In fact, she was a consistent honor student during her elementary days until third year high school. She had won several beauty pageants and quiz bees, and had received numerous academic recognition which made her family, teachers and friends to have high expectations on her.  It was when she reached senior high school that she found out she’s going to be a mother soon.

Photo : Danielle Gabrielle Rivera/Facebook

According to Danielle, she and her boyfriend were known in their school.  She even recalled a teacher who always reminds her not to get pregnant at an early age.

It was during her boyfriend’s birthday last September 2 when they found out that they’re going to have a ‘little angel’ coming.  At first, Danielle cried and felt depressed as she was thinking on what other people would be saying about her.  Her boyfriend was also sorry for he knew he had somehow broke the hope of Danielle in having a better future for getting pregnant this young.  But her boyfriend stayed faithful to her and never left her side. That gave strength to Danielle and helped her realized that the baby is a gift that God has showered them with.

Danielle’s pregnancy didn’t come easy because she had arrhythmia. She was under a high-risk pregnancy. Buy they had to keep her medical condition secret from the hospital because she won’t be admitted considering the complications that might happen on the day of delivering her baby comes.  But God has been so good that Danielle gave birth to a healthy baby girl under normal delivery.

Danielle said that she wanted to inspire teenagers who had gone through the same condition like her to never despair and never give up.  She encouraged them to continue reaching for their dreams and make their children their inspiration.

She thanked her parents, siblings, relatives and friends for accepting her for all her shortcomings.

Danielle and her boyfriend promised to their baby, Thiara Reign Mañez Cunanan, that they will both finish their studies so that she will be proud of having them as her parents.

Her journey in becoming a teenage mother entails a lot of sacrifice.  Moreso, becoming a mother and having a family is another book that she’s excited to fill with chapters of happy memories.  For Danielle, being pregnant at an early age was not a mistake.  After all, by seeing her cute, pretty baby, all her sacrifices were paid off!

What is Arrhythmia?

Arrhythmia is a condition which the heart beats with an irregular or abnormal rhythm.

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