10 Brilliant Ways to Use Overripe Fruits

If you have fruits way past its prime, it doesn’t automatically mean you need to throw it away in the the compost bin. Unknown to many, overripe fruits have tons of uses.

Don’t let your less-than-perfect fruits go to waste. Here are 10 clever ways to use overripe fruits, according to HealthDigezt.

overripe banana1. Make a jam.

While there are tons of available jam recipes online, creating a fruit jam involves boiling the mashed version of your preferred fruit, adding pectin, transferring the mixture into clean jars then adding a lid. Homemade jams are perfect breakfast staples.

2. Turn it into a delicious bread.

Overripe or extra bananas can be turned into a delicious banana bread. Fruits such as peaches, strawberries and nectarines can also be made into breads.

3. Make a cobbler or a crumble pie.

An overripe fruit can also be used to make a cobbler or a crumble pie. These are easy to make and there are tons of recipes available in the Internet.

4. Turn it into a refreshing smoothie.

Considered as the best and most refreshing products of overripe fruits, smoothies are perfect this summer season.

5. Make a chunky sauce for pancakes or sundaes.

Want an instant topping for your pancakes and sundaes? Chop up your overripe fruits, smash it using a potato smasher and incorporate it on your pancake or sundae.

6. Create a meatsauce.

An overripe fruit can be used to make sauces if it still hasn’t lost all its juices. Simply chop it up into small bits then add balsamic vinegar and chicken stock.

7. Make a salad dressing.

If your fruit can’t pass as a topping on your salad, turn it into a salad dressing using this recipe.

8. Turn it into a juice.

This is the easiest way to salvage your overripe fruit. Just grab a juicer and put your fruits inside.

9. Transform it into a fruit leather.

Believe it or not, you can create a leather out of your overripe fruits. Just blend it and spread thinly on a dehydrator rack or Silpat before slowly baking it at a low temperature in the oven. Wait until it becomes dehydrated and leathery.

10. Make fruit popsicles.

If you have kids in the house, give them a healthy treat by turning overripe fruits into popsicles.

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