10 Best Ways to Find a Reliable Business Partner

Being in business can be extremely difficult, and trying to run it single-handedly can make those difficulties significantly tougher to manage.

This is why various business owners decide to dispatch their organization with at least one business partner who can help relieve the burden. However,  business partnerships can turn sour and go downhill if the wrong partners are chosen.

business partner

Nonetheless, there are many benefits involved as to why you should consider good partnerships in a business. Some of the advantages of a good business partnership include:

  1. An increased influx of capital
  2. Better decisions being made
  3. A bridging of the gap between expertise and knowledge
  4. Better profitability projections
  5. Division of labor

Your choice of business partner could make or mar your business. So, you need to get it right.

Here are the 10 best ways to find a reliable business partner:

  1. Find Someone Who Compliments Your Skills And Strengths.

This is a very important tip to consider, as having a partner with skills and strengths you’re lacking is a great advantage not only to you, but also to the business.

It also allows you to cover more ground, as fresh and different perspectives on decisions are brought to the table.

  1. Make trust a cornerstone.

According to Elinor Robin for Forbes, lack of trust can sabotage a partnership and can become extremely difficult to overcome.

Trust is key and finding a partner you can trust will solve a large portion of issues you may potentially face down the business road.

So keep trust as one of your make or break pillars in your selection process for a business partner, to scale properly and get a good head start.

  1. Find out what they are like with money. 

Besides considering a prospects’ business skills, it is also best to find out just how good they are with money and their integrity in general.

Referring to Melinda Emerson, from smallbiztrends, even if you trust a person, you should still consider a business partnership prenup.

In other words, you can never be too careful, so get a legal agreement drafted up to protect your interests in case things go awry.

  1. Find Someone Who You Know By Their Work And Personality

Working with individuals you know by their work or personality helps you determine their capabilities and how committed they are to their job.

You also know what they’re like as a person. However, the one thing that you risk with working with friends is losing the friendship if things go wrong. But, you should be able to manage this risk by working closely with them on business matters.

  1. Search within local communities, clubs or associations. 

Web-based media locales are additionally a decent spot to discover multitudes of groups that are similar to your industry. In this group, you can find competent individuals who are able and willing to carry out the prerequisites of the business you’re into.

  1. Ask Family And Friends

Loved ones regularly help by putting resources into the business. If you think you have a companion or relative that can help something beyond putting resources into your venture, don’t be timid to speak with them about it.

  1. Offer Your Vision For The Business

It’s a necessity to prioritise sharing your vision for the business with the ideal individuals. Give them a good image of what you see occurring later on if things work out in a good way and educate them about the difficulties they may have to navigate during the process.

  1. Do an identity check

It is easy to search for skills, but how do you check for honesty? This is why you must do an identity check on your prospective business partner. Use Nuwber to verify the identity of the candidate and make sure they are not trying to defraud you by pretending to be someone else.

  1. Evaluate their business proficiency.

Janet Alvarez, CNBC, opines that, having a business partner with the right level of business acumen, is key in operating your own business.

 One platform that is great for showcasing skills backed up with referrals and testimonials with the aim to encourage networking among professionals is LinkedIn.

More than 122 million people got their jobs through LinkedIn. Chances are you already have a LinkedIn account, so consider using it to see how your prospective partner mirrors your desired level of business acumen.

  1. Evaluate their life goals and values.

Of course, you need someone with the right skillset and experience. Still, you need more than skills. You need someone who shares your dreams and aspirations and not someone who’ll make your business a means to an end.

Coined from Pamela Wasley, just like in marriage, money can cause major issues in business relationships. You don’t want to form a partnership with someone who only wants to earn some money to chase their ambition.

Evaluating their goals and values in comparison with their ambition, is a great step forward. 


Here are the 10 best ways to find a reliable business partner to help you make an informed decision.

As you follow these carefully examined steps, take care to refrain from emotional attachments while choosing the partner you want for your business.

Seeing as this decision can have lifetime consequences on your business as well as your personal life, this is one decision you want to handle with care, so be guided by these tips.