Learn How to Succeed in Business with Online Training Program at Business Academy PH

Starting a business can be exciting yet also full of challenges, especially for newbies who have never started a business before. There are many who have tried opening a business yet failed because they had to rely on trial and error to learn how to do it. For this reason, Business Academy PH decided to offer online training program to help budding entrepreneurs succeed in the business world.

Civil engineer Fitz Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich blog and Romy Miranda of 199Jobs share what they have learned in the business world through a series of webinars where students and future entrepreneurs can interact with them and with each other to learn more about succeeding in their business ventures.

In the introduction for the webinar on their website, Villafuerte shares his personal experience with starting and failing a business, then picking up the pieces and starting again – this time, with the help of an experienced mentor. The second attempt was successful even if it was almost exactly the same as the failed venture! This goes to show just how important having a mentor can be in making a business succeed.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in the program get the following benefits upon enrolling at Business Academy PH:

  • Get to “learn, interact and ask questions in real time” while attending the four live training sessions
  • Receive video file recording of all the four live training sessions
  • Receive a copy of the slides and presentations from the live training sessions
  • Receive additional reference materials, such as business plan templates and pitch deck templates for investors
  • Get the chance to pitch their business idea to the Philippine Venture Capital Investment Group

Mentors Villafuerte and Miranda will take up these lessons in four sessions:

Session #1: How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Session #2: How To Find That Winning Business Idea

Session #3: How To Write A Comprehensive Business Plan

Session #4: How To Raise Capital For Your Business

Hurry! Do not miss this opportunity to join the online training program so you can learn more about starting a business and succeeding in your venture! Check out their website Business Academy PH for more information and to enroll in the program. They are even offering a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the training.

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