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10 Best Foods and Drinks to Consume after Overeating this Holiday Season


With so many parties and reunions you attended over the holidays, you’re probably feeling full from all the eating and drinking you had. While excessive eating and drinking may seem inevitable these days, there are food and drinks that can take away feeling of discomfort, aid in digestion and relieve bloating.

Here are some food and drinks you can try, according to registered nutritionist Rob Hobson.


1. Papaya and Pineapple

Papaya and pineapple are tropical fruits that contain enzymes called papain (papaya) and bromeliad (pineapple) that digest proteins. Although evidence for its effectiveness needs further support, it is believed to be a healthy appetizer or dessert to eat with a heavy meal.

2. Dark green, leafy vegetables

The fiber content of green vegetables such kale or spinach aids with digestion. Moreover, they help increase bile flow through the liver, making it easy for the body to get rid of waste products.

3. Probiotics

A lack of good bacteria in your gut may lead to bloating. This is why it’s best to maintain a healthy gut by including probiotics such as live yoghurt which has beneficial strains of bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.

4. Skimmed Milk

Drinking skimmed milk can prevent heartburn and reflux, which are common effects of excessive eating of high fat foods.

5. Beans and Pulses

Rich in soluble fiber, beans and pulses can prevent constipation, usually caused by rich foods and alcohol, and help improve gut transit. Keep in mind that beans and pulses are high-fiber foods that need to be consumed slowly to avoid bloating.

6. Golden Linseeds

Golden linseeds are high-fiber food that can combat symptoms of wind, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. You can add one tablespoon of golden linseeds to soups, stews, cereals, porridge, casseroles, yoghurts and desserts.

7. Oats

Packed with high level of soluble fiber, oats can help those suffering from acid reflux, wind bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

8. Ginger or Chamomile tea

Sipping ginger or chamomile tea between meals may prevent heartburn and reflux by soothing inflamed gastrointestinal tissues and decreasing oesophageal spasms.

9. Globe artichoke extract

Containing cynarin that encourages production of bile that improves digestion of dietary fats, globe artichoke extract can reduce symptoms of indigestion like nausea, wind and stomach pain.

10. Water

Don’t underestimate the power of water particularly if you have overindulged in alcohol, which can cause dehydration.


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Mila’s Lechon Issues Official Statement on Trending Lechon Photo, Reveals Scam




Over the New Year celebration, social media had been abuzz about photos of a skin-and-bones lechon allegedly from Mila’s Lechon ordered by a netizen who was furious after receiving such a small roasted pig that did not even reach 5kg!

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

What irked the family of netizen Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim is that they had supposedly ordered the lechon from a reputable company to ensure they have the best roasted pig for their media noche but they ended up with something that was so small they even had to put a piece of tomato instead of the usual apple in its mouth.

See – Thin Lechon Weighs Less than 5kg, Angers Another Family on Noche Buena

After the post went viral, a lot of people expressed anger at Mila’s Lechon for cheating the customer of their cash but a few days later, the popular lechon company issued an official statement regarding the issue.

It turned out Mila’s Lechon had no hand in this order as the customer did not buy from their official website or Facebook page and had not been dealing with them at all. In short, Noy and his family had been scammed!

What’s bad is that the scammers had used the popular lechon company’s name to sell, later dragging it unfairly to the controversy.

Mila’s Lechon assured its customers that they are investigating the matter and that they would always issue an official receipt to the buyers, unlike the fake company that delivered the lechon to Noy’s family.

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

The customer later acknowledged the error, admitting that they had no idea that the site they were buying from was not the real Mila’s Lechon; although he should not also be blamed considering the lechon company has a lot of branches and the scammers had used its name, even delivering the product with the trademark brown paper printed with the brand’s name.

Both Noy’s family and Mila’s Lechon were victims of the scam. We hope the scammers will be apprehended soon.

Read the lechon company’s full statement here:

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Clever Fisherman Makes Simple but Effective Trap to Catch Fish and Crabs




Catching fish can be hard work if you do not have the proper tools to do it and have no knowledge about how to go about with the task. But some fishermen in Cambodia have found an easy way to catch fish by creating a simple yet effective trap that they can just leave for some time near the river or lake.

Of course, there are many different ways that one can catch fish – and most would involve a net but for poor folks who can’t afford a net, here’s an alternative to try on your next fishing trip.

In the clip shared by Amazing Video on YouTube, a step by step tutorial to make the trap was shared.

Bamboo poles were used for this trap. While the YouTube video showed the bamboo poles being cut by a cutting machine, using a simple saw would also do the trick here. Of course, you have to remove the partitions inside the bamboo pole so the fish can get in and out of the trap.

But your trap is only half finished. You have to dig at the side of the river, lake, or swamp to create your trap. The hole should be big enough for your expected catch.

Photo credit: Amazing Video / YouTube

Submerge half of the pole in the water, making sure the other end reaches the trap. As much as possible, keep the angle at a minimum to ensure the fish will drop into the hole. Then, add the bait at both ends of the trap.

To finish off the trap, cover the spot with leaves. According to the video, you leave it for 1 day.

Photo credit: Amazing Video / YouTube

A day after making the trap, the fisherman went back to the spot and found the hole filled with fish, eels, and even crabs! Seems quite effective, right?

Check out this tutorial and try it for yourself:

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Thin Lechon Weighs Less than 5kg, Angers Another Family on Noche Buena




On Christmas Eve, a lot of Filipino households celebrate ‘Noche Buena’ (midnight feast) with lechon which is considered a staple in every Pinoy celebration.

Not everyone was happy with the lechon they received because there were those who were quite angry that the roasted pig they got turned out to be something they did not expect to get. For example, a family in Bacolod City received lechon filled with leaves and did not have much meat. This lechon did not have ribs as well.

But after that lechon went viral, another one has surfaced.

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

This time, the lechon retained its ribs but the pig was so thin that the lechon as literally just skin and bones. It also looked like a rather dried-up version of the lechon, with skin that was no longer crunchy, wrote netizen Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim whose family supposedly ordered the roasted pig from Mila’s Lechon.

What angered them more is that after an aunt decided to weigh the lechon they got, which they had actually paid for a total amount of Php7,500 plus Php400 delivery charge, they discovered that it did not even reach 5kg – and that weight already includes the bamboo tray it was placed on! Ooops.

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

While it is understandable that the prizes of commodities do rise up during the holiday season due to the law of supply and demand, the family was not happy that their lechon order worth nearly Php8,000 in total turned out to be this thin and unappealing.

Photo credit: Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim / Facebook

According to Noy, they immediately called Mila’s to ask for a refund. He was able to speak with the owner’s granddaughter Aika Salanguit who told they can keep the lechon and get a refund of Php5,500 but they were only refunded with Php3,500 on December 29; thus, they did not take the money and are reportedly planning to file a case against the lechon company.



Mila’s Lechon Issues Official Statement on Trending Lechon Photo, Reveals Scam

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