Awesome Uses for Simple Storage Cubes in Your Home

Storage cubes come in many sizes and arrangements but while they might look a bit boring, you can actually jazz them up or arrange them well to make awesome furniture pieces for your home – sans the costly renovation costs and high-priced designer fees.

You can find a number of these storage cubes in home improvement stores – and you’re quite lucky if you have these stores near your home!

Now, what can you do with storage cubes? Well, the answer is limited only by your imagination! This means that you can do a wealth of things using these simple pieces. All you have to do is think about what you need at home and I bet you’ll realize that the storage cubes would solve that problem!

Here are some cool ideas you can copy for your home. Feel free to jazz up those pieces or create various combinations. After all, we’re just sharing some ideas here and it’s up to you to pick out the ones you like best and use it to create a more beautiful home with useful but lovely pieces.

What do you think of this lovely laundry storage spot?

This would make a great addition to frame your windows.

This lovely nightstand provides ample storage space, too.

Just add a cover and a thick, soft blanket for this storage piece to turn into a reading corner.

Place the storage boxes under a table to create a functional built-in piece for a craft table or kitchen island.

Photo credit: Superstar Lifestyle/

Photo credit: Superstar Lifestyle/

You can simply add a ply board or any piece of flat wood to create a no-nonsense table or work desk.

This lovely bench will make a great addition to your hallway or porch since it can also double as a beautiful storage unit.

In need of a media table but budget is tight? Do not worry because storage cubes can easily do the trick! Just make sure to attach them to the wall for safety.

This play center is awesome for the kids. Plus, you can easily change the motif. It can also double as storage place for your kids’ toys.

This wine rack could add form and function to your kitchen.

Why buy an expensive dollhouse for your princess when you can easily build this giant mansion for her collection?

We hope you liked these cool ideas — which ones did you like best?

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