VIRAL: Stepfather Pulls Out Funds for Ungrateful Stepdaughter’s Wedding

What would you do if your family does not appreciate your efforts, despite you doing the best you can to provide them with everything they need? The answer would depend on a number of factors, of course, but for many of us, we are stuck with helping them anyway because they are family after all.

But there is this stepfather who has done everything for his girlfriend and her daughter for the past 10 years. Even though he was not really married to his girlfriend, he whole-heartedly supported her and her daughter.

Not only did he open a joint account with her, filling it with money because she stopped working when they moved in together, he also sent her daughter to college, bought her a car, and continued to support her after graduation because she couldn’t find a job.

When the stepdaughter decided to get married, this martyr of a stepfather did not hesitate on funding the grand event set for 250 people. All he asked was for 20 of his closest friends to be invited.

As the big event drew near, he learned that not one of those carefully selected 20 friends were included in the list of invited guests; though they received a wedding announcement. He couldn’t even invite his friends to a wedding he is funding!

The last straw, however, was when the girl’s estranged father suddenly became the central figure in the family again – and it was soon declared that the real dad, not this wonderful stepfather, will be the one to walk the aisle and give his daughter away on her wedding.

Well, you probably know what happened after that but I actually did not expect that it would end in such an elegant, classy manner! Check out what this awesome stepfather did…



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Source: Hrtwarming

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