9 Benefits of Drinking Calamansi Juice

Calamansi is a small citrus fruit that grows in sunny places, such as California or in Asian countries. Did you know that calamansi is good for your body?

There are many uses of calamansi, but using it as juice is one of the most popular options.


Obsidian Soul, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The following are the benefits of drinking calamansi juice:

1. Fights inflammation

Just like other citrus fruits, calamansi is a good source of vitamin C. This will help you fight an inflammation.

2. Boosts the immune system

As source of vitamin C, calamansi juice can also boost your immune system. That’s why it’s a great idea to regularly drink calamansi juice so can help you body have a strong immune system. This is particularly useful amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Aids in the Production of Collagen

Did you know that vitamin C is also essential in making collagen, a structural protein that helps build various cells and tissues in the body?

4. Reduces Mucus

If you’re suffering from coughs and colds, calamansi juice can help reduce the mucus your body produces.

5. Regulates Glucose and Insulin Levels

A great way to stay healthy and reduce your risk of diabetes, calamansi juice can regulate your glucose and insulin levels. Even if you already have diabetes, calamansi juice can still help you, but make sure you don’t add sugar to your drink.

6. Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Aside from reducing your risk of diabetes, calamansi is also great for regulating cholesterol levels in your body. This can help reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

7. Detoxifies Your Body

It’s a sad fact that our bodies encounter a lot of toxins every day from the environment and even from the food we eat. Calamansi juice can help detoxify the body, helping our gallbladder, kidneys, liver, and colon function properly.

8. Helps in Weight Loss

Calamansi is low in calories and helps regulate your digestive system to promote weight loss.

9. Improves Oral Hygiene

Regular drinking of calamansi juice can also help you improve oral health by preventing bleeding gums and tooth decay.