Woman Travels to Bhutan to Find Peace, Finds a Husband Instead

Do you believe in fate?

Singaporean journalist Karen Lim was set to travel to Bhutan in 2018 but felt the sudden urge to just go to the place a year earlier, in 2017. At the time, she felt troubled and just wanted to find peace. Little did she know that she would find a husband instead!

On her blog, Karen shared the rather unusual story of how she met her husband – and how fate must have surely brought them together…

I was meant to travel to Bhutan this year instead (2018) with a group of friends from my meditation class, but somehow, there was a strong calling to visit Bhutan in 2017. At that time, something was telling me that I had to visit this year, not the next,” Karen shared.

Not sure what that meant but feeling that she had to do something about it, Karen emailed her travel agency to book her trip.

She also asked the tour agency to match her with a tour guide who is knowledgeable about Bhutan’s history and culture; it was really just the journalist in her that wanted to add that but it could have also been fate!

When she arrived in Bhutan in August 2017, Karen met Bhutanese guide Ngawang whom she would simply refer to as ‘N’ in her blog posts.

She immediately fell in love with the beautiful, peaceful life in Bhutan but had no idea she was already developing feelings for her tour guide as well.

When Ngawang took her one of Bhutan’s top tourist spots, Paro Taktsang or the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, she made two secret wishes.

Perhaps I had unknowingly fallen in love, because the two secret wishes that I made there have all come true,” she later revealed.

The week-long trip had been fun but Karen when had to go back to Singapore, she and the guide continued to keep in touch. Months later, it was Ngawang who made the move to visit Karen in Singapore. The rest fell into place.

So he came to Singapore for the New Year festivities and it was a trip that was similarly etched into his soul. After that, I managed to get a stint as a volunteer trainer in Feb,” Karen shared.

Karen found a job in Bhutan where Ngawang would soon propose marriage – and she accepted! The two were married last October.

Their story captured the hearts of many netizens who agreed that this was definitely fate in the works. Things might have turned out differently if Karen didn’t follow the ‘inner voice’ that urged her to visit Bhutan a year earlier than her planned trip with her friends!

Image credits: YouTube / Karen Lim