New Study Reveals That Long-Ring-Fingered Men Are Most Likely To End Up With Curvy Women

We live in a world where everything is given its own meaning. Like the size of the shoe, the length of the forearm, the color of the eyes, name it, science has an explanation for it.

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences dwell on the length of a man’s ring finger.

Ring Finger 1

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

According to the study, in addition to the belief that men with long ring fingers run faster and have a bigger penis, there is something new.

Men with longer ring fingers are more likely to partner up with women who have the classic hourglass figure; the slim waist, big breast type of women.

The said study was conducted at the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Karlow, Poland. The researchers looked at the hands of 50 young men who were in a long-term relationship. They found that the men who have longer ring fingers were “four times more often partnered with women who had both relatively narrow waists and large breasts.”

“Our results suggest men’s prenatal environment has an impact on the likelihood of being in a relationship with a more attractive and presumably more fertile woman,”

The study, according to Men’s Health, reports that the increase in the length of men’s middle finger may be attributed to a “burst” of testosterone as well as male hormones while these men were still in the womb.

“Eye-tracking studies have shown that, during evaluation of female body attractiveness, men focus mainly on the waist and breast areas, which deliver honest signals about a woman’s reproductive status,”

Ring Finger 2


This is the observation of the study’s lead author, Berenika Kuna. The thought is that men who have long ring fingers self-select women who display these signals of fertility.

It is important to note here that the study was conducted on only 50 men, not exactly enough to make a scientific proof. But the result was that the long-fingered men were “four times more likely” than non-long-fingered men to have curvy hourglass girlfriends.