100 Tech Jobs in New Zealand Up for Grabs, Free Trip Included

Fancy a job in Wellington, New Zealand? The city is looking for 100 new workers in the tech industry – and they are willing to provide candidates with a free weeklong trip to New Zealand for those who are qualified!

Wellington hopes to attract workers to its developing tech scene and plans on hiring 100 new software developers, analysts, product managers, strategists, and creative directors under its newly launched “global talent attraction programme”.

While the city did not announce how much salary and what perks these professionals will receive, the free weeklong trip to New Zealand (which comes with free airfare and accommodations!) is already such a wonderful treat to the qualified applicants!

Interested applicants should start registering on LookSee Wellington. Tech firms across the city will be the ones to nominate their favorite candidates from LookSee’s roster; so, make your resume as attractive as possible – but stay honest, of course!

You have until March 20 to submit your application.

Once the deadline ends and the tech firms have chosen their top candidates, LookSee will host the trip at the end of the admission process.

During the trip which is scheduled from May 8 to 11, the candidates will be toured across the city and will be provided with information so that they can understand the process and perks of moving to New Zealand. The 100 job candidates will also participate in pre-arranged job interviews with the leading tech firms in the city.

At the end of the week, the job candidates will already know their fate as the companies will make their offers to the candidates they like – and they can immediately accept the job offer! Isn’t that exciting?

So, if you work in the tech industry, you might want to check this out…

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