Kindhearted Jeepney Driver Returns Passenger’s Cellphone

MANILA, PhilippinesHazel Ivory Javier Sarmiento shared the story of a jeepney driver’s incredible act of kindness through the Facebook page Trending News Portal.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Sarmiento recounted how Alvin Ret, the driver of a jeepney with plate number DWZ 254, willingly returned her lost cellphone. According to Sarmiento, she was on her way home coming from a 6am to 6pm duty when she rode a jeepney along Jollibee Kalinisan. After checking text messages, Sarmiento placed her phone inside the right pocket of her scrub suit.

When she alighted the jeepney in front of her house, it was then that Sarmiento noticed that her phone wasn’t with her anymore. She attempted to contact the person holding her phone but unfortunately no one answered her calls.

This prompted her to send a text message to her phone: “Sa nakapulot ng cellphone ko. Pkibalik nman po kahit ung simcard na lang. Importante lang po tlga ang contacts ko”.

(To the one holding my cellphone, please return my simcard. My contacts are important.)

Hours passed before Sarmiento received a text message from Ret, the driver of the jeepney. Ret told Sarmiento that a passenger noticed the cellphone and asked if it belonged to anyone in the jeepney. Since no one claimed the cellphone, Ret took the initiative to return it to the rightful owner.

Sarmiento offered to give her cellphone to Ret as his reward but the kindhearted driver turned down any of the cellphone owner’s offers.

With over 2,000 shares and almost 15,000 likes, the story of the jeepney driver’s act of kindness has certainly touched the hearts of netizens.

Read her full story below.

Kagabi nung pauwi na ako, pagod galing 6am-6pm na duty, sumakay ako ng jeep sa my Jollibee Kalinisan. Nag check pa ko ng…

Posted by TNP – Trending News Portal on Friday, February 26, 2016

What is a Jeepney?

Considered as the most popular means of transportation in the Philippines, a jeepney has become a universal symbol of the Filipino culture. It was originally made from US military jeeps and is known for its crowded seating and eye-catching design, according to Wikipedia.