Here’s What Wearing a Colored Wedding Dress Really Means

If you have been into a wedding or at least had seen what the occasion is like, you probably think of this special event as something that has “white” as its theme. After all, a traditional wedding would normally like to portray the bride in the best light possible, which is best represented in a tinge that embodies the idea of purity, that is, white. Donning a colored wedding dress, therefore, might seem like a radical approach to a practice that has been embraced for many generations.

While the white wedding dress still remains in trend, and is a staple to most wedding events even to this day, many are also switching to colored variants of the wedding dress, simply out of preference.

colored wedding dress

But before you jump in the idea of showcasing a uniquely colored wedding gown in your momentous occasion, consider that certain coloration could imbue meaning, aside from a display of your personality.

Here’s a very few examples:

  • Ivory – Bearing an almost equal semblance to the color white, only tainted, the ivory color retains its traditional vibe. Yet, while old-school thinking may put the ivory as something “less pure” than the immaculate white, the shade which this color exhibits simply just fits certain colors of skin to be of primary preference.
  • Red – There are many colors which are exquisite to the senses. But none is as varied as the color red. Although there are lots of nuances as to the meaning behind the color “red,” many would agree that it’s a tinge that represents love or powerful emotions, among others.
  • Pink – Pink is a color which epitomizes the result when you mix both white and red. What you get is a color that embraces the best of both worlds, but possibly to a lesser extent.

There are lots of other variants to choose from, each of which having their own unique interpretations. If given a choice, what colored wedding dress are you going to wear in your special day?

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