Step-by-Step Tips to Change the Date of Your Wedding

You and your fiancé were so excited to start planning your wedding, only to end up hitting a bunch of proverbial dead ends.

The caterer you hoped to use had to temporarily shut his doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have been discouraged by the limitations for your guest list, and you had several friends and relatives let you know they aren’t comfortable with traveling quite yet, so they won’t be able to attend.

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After discussing it with your sweetie, you came to the sad but understandable conclusion that it’s best for you to postpone your nuptials.

COVID-19 Has Led to Many Delayed Weddings

While you’re understandably disappointed about this turn of events, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, roughly two-thirds of engaged Americans have postponed their wedding in the past year due to the pandemic. Holding your wedding at a later date means it will still happen — you’ll just have to wait a bit longer than originally planned.

Of course, the only slight glitch is that you’ve already told everyone you know — and a few people you don’t — the date of your upcoming wedding. No worries, excited bride- and groom-to-be. Here are several step-by-step tips to follow that will allow you to change the date of your wedding without much fuss:

1. Call Your Immediate Family and Wedding Party

Your parents, grandparents, best man, maid of honor, and other attendants all deserve to hear this news first. Split up the list of people with your fiancé and spend a couple of hours dialing your loved ones to let them know your decision. Or, if you see any of them in person, let them know over coffee or lunch on a patio.

2. Mail Out New Save-the-Date Cards

Once you inform those closest to you, it’s time to share the news with everyone else. And if you already sent out save-the-date cards months ago, it’s time to order a fresh batch with your new wedding date. To make it clear the date has changed, add “updated” to your new save-the-date cards and/or select a different style so it stands out.

3. Update Your Wedding Website

Couples who have created a wedding website should also share news of the postponement online, along with any other important details you wish to include. You can post the update to social media if you feel comfortable doing so, and if you’d like, encourage people to reach out to you with questions.

4. Alert Any Selected Vendors

In addition to the family and friends you’ve invited to your wedding, it’s also important to keep your vendors in the loop. For instance, reassure the florist and photographer that you still want to use them whenever you decide to tie the knot. Chances are you’re not the only couple they’re working with who is making this decision. But, by being open and kind about your plans, they should walk away feeling good about partnering in the near future.

Choose Your Words Wisely

When it comes to alerting guests of your postponed wedding plans, take some time to create a succinct yet sympathetic message that you can include on your wedding website, social media, in emails, and via text message. Start by wishing everyone well and then relay the news that, due to the severity of the pandemic, you won’t be holding your wedding as originally planned. From there, let them know your updated wedding date.

Now, if plans are still up in the air about setting a new date, simply say things are postponed until further notice. Additionally, be ready to field plenty of responses from people who may be bummed about your decision. Still, remember the power of simple phrases like “I’m sorry” and “I understand” can go a long way.

Your Day Will Get Here, Really!

It’s understandable to be sad and disappointed about postponing your wedding, especially since you already put so much time and effort into planning it. But remember, time will go by quicker than you realize, and before you know it, you’ll soon be pronounced husband and wife. For now, though, get busy letting invited guests know your new plans in a variety of ways and remind them that you can’t wait to see them on your big day.