Former Beggar from India, Now Studies at Cambridge University

Living as a beggar in the streets of Chennai, India, a young lad named Jayavel had no hope for a bright future. Like many others living in the streets, he was ‘invisible’ to most people and that he had learned to live a tough life being chased away by cops on an almost daily basis.

But can you believe that he’s now studying at Cambridge University in Cambridge, England? How could a beggar boy manage to do that? The answer lies in real-life angels who helped him turn his life around.

According to NTD TV, Jayavel and his family came to live in Chennai when their poverty-stricken village got hit by a season of crop failure back in the 1980s. But with farming their only skill, they soon turned to begging in the big city so they can make ends meet.

As beggars, they soon grew cynical of people who documented their lives in the street because such had happened so often in the past but these people only used them to gain funding for themselves. But Suyam Charitable Trust, ran by couple Uma and Muthuraman, would soon change their minds.

Photo credit: NTD TV

The two were genuinely concerned with the welfare of the street dwellers in Chennai, especially the children. Seeing potential in Jayavel, they took the boy in and sent him to school.

At first, Jayavel didn’t really like school but upon realizing that the Uma and Muthuraman are doing their best to send him there, he soon started studying. Indeed, the couple found a gem in this young lad. His grades would soon be so high that the donors readily sent more money to fund his studies.

Photo credit: NTD TV

A kind donor gave a guarantee of Rs 1.6 million ($24,700) to secure him a UK visa. He now studies Performance Car Enhancement Technology Engineering.

Sadly, Jayavel’s mother and some of his siblings still live in the streets but the young man has promised that he would soon be able to give them all a better life.