Free Groceries Delivered to Subdivision with Big Houses Sparks Outrage

Photos of free groceries delivered to an upper class subdivision with big houses sparked outrage among netizens, with many calling out these rich people for accepting the donations and more telling them to distribute the food items to the poor folks, instead!

Food Packs and Free Groceries for the Rich?

Amid the crisis brought by COVID-19, a lot of private individuals, companies, and the government scrambled to provide food packs, free groceries, and other needs for less fortunate families. Many have lost their jobs due to the crisis and could not buy food for their families.

With many localities extending the lockdown, called by many different names in various areas, it’s heartwarming to see many people willingly helping others in need. But in Malaysia, netizens got angry after seeing photos of donations being given to a subdivision with big houses.

These upper class Malaysians have big mansions and beautiful cars, yet they were pictured receiving aid from people riding a pick-up truck. This supposedly happened in one of the posh subdivisions in Tawau in Sabah, Malaysia.

Pls give away for those who really need it…” wrote Facebook page We are Malaysians as they shared the pictures.

Many netizens agreed! A lot are even saying that these rich people should be ashamed of themselves for even accepting the food packs! After all, they are rich and could easily afford to buy food on their own while so many people across Malaysia are starving.

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But one netizen defended the upper class citizens, saying that the donations were specifically packed by the Tawau division of DAP (Democratic Action Party) for everyone in the community. By ‘everyone’, the netizen believes that even the rich guys should also receive aid.

These are care packages dispatched by YB Jimmy Wong’s team from Sri Tanjung. YB was chosen by the people, it is part of his responsibility to take care of the community. Before this incident, YB’s team went around flats and villages to give out care packs. Just because some of us live in a bigger house, does this mean we do not have the right to receive them?” the netizen wrote.

While many admired the distributing team for being ‘fair’ as they gave even those who are rich, many said they should have coordinated with the local social services to ensure that the needy get the food packs, not the rich.

What are Upper Class Citizens?

Upper class citizens are rich people who often have their own businesses or have high-paying jobs. They have monthly net incomes that many low-income families and even those in the middle class can’t earn in an entire year!

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