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Excited Dad-To-Be Builds Unique Playhouse Using 2,000 Packs of Expired Instant Noodles

When Zhang of Jilin, China, learned that he’s going to be a dad, he excitedly prepared everything for the still unborn child. Aside from saving money for the delivery and buying clothes, diapers, and other stuff his baby would need, this dad also built a unique playhouse using 2,000 packs of expired instant noodles! Talk about dedication…

It turned out that Zhang loves instant noodles even as a kid. By chance, he has a friend who works as distributor of instant noodles. The guy was set to throw away a batch of expired noodles which he got, thinking it would make a great material for his baby’s playhouse.

Photo credit: Great Daily

Inspired by the viral photos of a guy who uses instant noodles to fix a lot of broken stuff, Zhang began building the playhouse using 2,000 blocks of ramen and a lot of glue.

Photo credit: Great Daily

The gigantic playhouse was huge enough to fit a full-sized mattress inside; with Zhang saying he plans to sleep in the playhouse as he enjoyed the scent of the ramen. There’s a living room and bedroom inside the playhouse; though it didn’t have a working kitchen and toilet, for obvious reasons.

Photo credit: Great Daily

He made use of 20 cans of glue to pack together all those 2,000 blocks of ramen in a process that took him 4 days to complete. This ramen playhouse features three windows supported by wooden frames.

Inside the noodle playhouse are paintings that Zhang made himself to decorate the place for his baby.

While the structure itself is impressive and would have made a great playhouse for his baby, netizens were concerned about the safety issues of this playhouse.

Photo credit: Great Daily

Some joked that it did not pass the building code, but others were more serious to point out issues like the ramen eventually crumbling as it decomposes. Moreover, the noodles could attract insects and molds.

Photo credit: Great Daily

As good as it might look, this playhouse shouldn’t be a permanent structure for the baby – and might not even last until the baby is old enough to play inside! On the positive note, at least Zhang already knows how to make a playhouse.

Photo credit: Great Daily

What is Ramen?

Ramen is a type of quick-cooking, instant noodles that is typically served with broth made from meat and vegetables. Packs of instant noodles are popular because they are easy to cook and can already be a full meal, especially for those in a hurry and don’t have a lot of money.

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