Five Odd Household Items that Can Cure Body Pain

Who would have thought that common household items such as a clothespin, a box of match, a balloon, a pencil and a bandana can ease everyday aches and pains?

These simple tricks can help you turn these things hiding in your junk drawer into pain-combatting items. Here’s Reader’s Digest list of unexpected pain cures found in your house.

1. Cure a headache using a bandana

Bandana, a popular fashion accessory, can be used to cure a headache. Simply tie it around your forehead and tighten it until you experience pressure in several points around your head. This technique will decrease the flow of blood to your scalp and consequently reduce head pain brought about by swollen blood vessels. You may also try soaking the bandana in vinegar for extra relief.

2. Stop a bloody nose using a clothespin.


A tried and true remedy for bloody nose is a clothespin. Just sit up straight, tilt your head forward and pinch the tip of your nose shut using a clothespin. Do this for at least 10 minutes to stop the flow of blood.

3.  Heal a  finger cut using an uninflated balloon.

Keep your cut clean, dry and protected by slipping a balloon over your finger. You can do this when doing activities that will get your hands wet such as washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

4. Smooth a broken fingernail using a box of match.


Rub your broken fingernail using a match to smooth it out.

5. Ease foot pain using a pencil

You can do simple foot exercises using a pencil to ward off foot ache caused by too tight shoes or too much walking. Put a few pencils on the floor and pick them using your toes. This will stretch your feet and eventually give you relief.