Dad Transforms Daughter’s Eye Patch to Make Her Enjoy Her Treatment

After developing cataract on one of her eyes, Layla Grub had to wear an eye patch to give the weaker eye time to ‘catch up’ with the stronger one. Considering her age, she certainly does not want to wear the eye patch; thus, her dad George Grub tried to find a way to make the experience fun for her so she would enjoy the treatment.

Patching can be frustrating for me as the parent, so this helps make it fun and it keeps me committed to doing it every day,” Daddy George revealed. “We bought her some plain patches and I thought they were a little depressing so this was my way of making it more fun, especially for me.

Daddy George used his artistic skills to turn the eye patch into fun works of art that essentially transformed Layla into a different character each day. For example, she became one of the Ninja Turtles one day, thanks to a green mask complete with one of the Turtles’ eyes decorating the eye patch.

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On other days, the eye patch sported different types of fish.

Daddy George’s plan worked! Layla now enjoys wearing her eye patch and looks forward to how it would look on a brand new day.

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Soon, the family had lots of great photos to add to Layla’s collection. This brought another idea to Daddy George’s mind; so, he opened an Instagram account to showcase the artistic eye patches of his adorable daughter.

Once again, the idea proved to be a genius! “Layla’s Patches” now has more than 13,000 IG followers.

Cataracts in Kids

While cataracts are often associated with old people, such could also occur in kids. Surgery is important, especially in the early stages because the condition can lead to further complications like lazy eye (amblyopia) and even vision loss; though this often affects only one eye.

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Aside from removing the cataracts, complications can be corrected by eye drops or wearing eye patches, such as in the case of Layla.