Boss Gives Away Two Houses Each Year So Poor Employers Can Have a Home

A lot of people have this notion that company owners are just after the profit as they try their best to earn as much money as they could, with as little expense as possible – and that’s seen in the way they pay and treat their workers. But while that holds true for quite a number of companies, there are also some go above and beyond their duty to ensure their employees’ well-being!

Take for example the Anyu Industry Co Ltd from Guangdong, China. The company manufactures power tools, but it would go viral for giving away two houses each year so poor employees can have a home! The houses are valued at around $300k each.

Photo credit: SinChew

Zhongming Yu, the Chairman of the company, explained that the housing program is part of the company’s 10-year employee assistance plan to help workers who experience financial and domestic difficulties on a yearly basis.

The plan is to provide assistance for some employees in the company who have difficulties within their families, such as caring for children and elderly people at home. The company will give you a house, arrange with the government for your children to go to school. Your wife can work in the company. If the elderly enjoy gardening, they can go to our company’s farm, to plant fruit trees, raise poultry,” Zhongming explained.

I just want my employees to have a family. Who wants to drift and drift away (from their families), right?

While the Chairman did not fully explain how the housing plan scheme works, it is clear that it is something many workers wish their companies would also practice! He added that the initiative began in 2015 when they helped two employees own a home. Each year since then, two employees receive a house – and Zhongming even opens the company’s doors for his workers’ family members to also find a job!

Photo credit: SinChew

What a generous, amazing boss. But he insists that the company is not a rich one. In fact, they still have bank loans; still, he wants his employees to understand that he believes they are important and they are family.

The company’s corporate culture is that we’re not a simple factory, but a big family, with employees as brothers and sisters. When you have problems within your family, you must give a helping hand,” he added.

What’s a Company Housing Plan?

A company housing plan is a way for the company to provide employees with a house. This can be through a subsidized plan but rarely would a company give away houses to employees for free.