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5 Tips for An Effective New Year’s Resolution

According to Marylie Gerson, psychology professor at the California Lutheran University, New Year’s resolutions kind of provide us with a much-needed reset button. “We get caught in the mire of our daily activities, going on autopilot, and we need to have something that marks a new beginning,” explained Gerson.

Resolutions give people that boost they need to pursue new goals or to start working on previously unachieved ones. What’s important, of course, is to have the proper mindset, stay determined, and to implement proven techniques so that you do not drift off your course.

Tip #1: Set Realistic Short-Term Goals

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In a VCStar article, Christy Teranishi Martinez, professor of psychology at CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo, said that for goals to work, they should be short-term, attainable, and realistic.

She reminded:

“Wake up in the morning and say, ‘What do I want to achieve today?’ or ‘What will I do to move forward in attaining my goals?’”

Tip #2: Be Specific

Being specific is, of course, essential to your goal.

As Gerson puts it:

“Be as specific as you can. What are you aiming for? And why do you want this? Then visualize what it is you hope to accomplish, and visualize seeing yourself in the future in the present.”

Tip #3: Share Your Goal With A Trusted Person

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Martinez also added that it is often helpful to share goals with a trusted individual – whether that spouse be a spouse, a sibling, or even a close friend.

“Once you tell somebody else, you’re more accountable for attaining those goals,” emphasized Martinez. “If you tell a family member or a friend that you’re going to lose 20 pounds and they can see the changes in you and see you getting healthier, they’re going to become your cheering squad.”

Tip #4: Track Your Progress And Reward Yourself

Martinez shared:

“Write in a journal to keep track of your accomplishments every day. It’s really important to see your progress and give yourself a small reward for attaining short-term goals. That reinforces behavior.”

Tip #5: Do Not Be Discouraged If You Fail

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It is likewise crucial that you do not get discouraged if you experience failure along the way. Gerson shared that what matters most is that you “figure out how to climb back up.”

She added: “There are steps that people can take to maximize the odds that they might be able to flow through and be successful.”


6 Insider Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Travel




Travel Image

Travelling requires money– lots of it. But if you’re a wise traveler who prefers the quality of vacation over overspending on an expensive hotel, then keep on reading.

When you dream of a perfect holiday vacation, setting a budget for accommodation can take up a huge part of your savings because it can a very fancy and fancy means costly. But not in cases. If you do a little research, you can get very cheap hotel accommodations and sometimes, a free upgrade too!

Travel Image

Below are some hacks for low-cost travels from booking a flight on sale to getting a free room upgrade.

1. Travel in January

People mostly save their leaves and hard-earned cash for the holidays. This means that in January, they start fresh with their savings and rest for awhile. This month is probably the most peaceful time to travel. Huge deals are available, too.

2. Book your Sunday nights in cozy city hotels

Travellers often leave on Sunday nights and off to their next destinations. If you book a hotel room at during this time, you are most lucky to get a bigger room and better service.

3. Take advantage of your mobile phones

Airline companies and hotels offer exclusive discounts if you use their mobile applications for booking.

4. Don’t underestimate loyalty programs

There are many benefits of being loyal. In traveling, you can use this to get free upgrades, huge discounts, and outstanding services.

5. Book late, arrive late

Many hotels offer great deals if you book late– also if you arrive late. Once they have all standard rooms filled, you’ll most likely be offered an upgrade for free.

6. Be polite

Some find being impolite their key to get special treatments from hotels. But that is not nice at all! Being polite to the hotel staff can bring you a long way– from free upgrades to getting lots of hotel freebies. They can even give you free meals if they would like!

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5 Easy Nightly Routines To Make Your Bundle Of Joy Sleep Faster




Baby Image

Are you a new mom who struggles with putting your baby to sleep? Or a dad who can’t figure it out either? If you’re someone who finds it hard to cradle a baby to sleep, here’s a guide for you made by genius mom from Three Day Nanny.

According to moms Gina Ford and Kathryn Mewes, crying babies can be left crying until they stop. This helps them understand that they can’t be picked up at all times. They will eventually lay low with their crying games.

Baby Image

Another tip that has for other moms is to avoid eye-to-eye with their kids if they are trying to get them to sleep. Although many questioned this trick, a lot has agreed.

Emily-Jane Clark, another mom, and a writer share her own advice on how she gets her kids to sleep.

1. Get in your comfortable clothes are prepare for bed

Because getting a kid to fall asleep could get you drowsy, too. It is advisable that you prepare for bed together with your kids so both of you can rest well.

2. Plan out your nightly routine

Full-Time moms don’t usually get things planned out very well because they know for sure 90% of them won’t get accomplished. However, if you want a more convenient way of putting your kid to sleep, it is helpful to organize your own schedule and activities while lying in bed.

3. Deep sleep

Before moving an inch, make sure that the baby is in deep sleep and not half awake. This way, you won’t wake him/her up when you transfer.

4. Drink coffee– lots of it

If the child will only sleep on you or with you, prepare cups of coffee! If your kid is a newborn, you want to stay awake while cradling the child because if you end up sleeping, the baby might end up on the floor. Keep your eyes on him/her.

5. Eye contact

Contrary to the tip by Ford, Clark says keeping an eye-to-eye contact is important. Their look will give you an extra boost of energy during groggy midnight routines.

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Get Ready For The New Year: 25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before The Year Ends




Reflect Image

Every new year is filled with New Year’s resolutions and things that people want to change about their lives. Most of the time, they just create a resolution by envisioning the “perfect” version of themselves without even taking into consideration the things that they have gone through for the past year.

Neglecting this will only make it easier for you to fail your new year’s resolution. So what you have to do instead is to reflect on the past year, and create a resolution that is connected to what you have gone through and achieved during the year.

Here are some sample questions that you can answer to help you reflect:


Reflect 1

Start your reflection by thinking about the best things that happened this year.

  1. What is the best achievement you have?
  2. What are the skills that you have acquired?
  3. What is the one thing that you did this year that you won’t ever forget?
  4. What is the biggest step you made this year? In relationship, fitness, career, and personal.
  5. What are the achievements that made you closer to your ultimate long-term goal?


Reflect 2

After thinking about the best things that happened, move to the lessons and valuable information that you have learned this year.

  1. What is the biggest lesson you learned?
  2. What did you learn about yourself?
  3. What did you learn about others? Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers.
  4. What is the most painful lesson you learned?
  5. What lessons were you able to impart to someone?


Reflect 3

After that, reflect on the mistakes that you have done this year, and the ones that were done to you.

  1. What was the one thing you wish you never did?
  2. What was the biggest lie that you said this year?
  3. Did you hurt anybody this year?
  4. Were you hurt this year?
  5. What was the worst mistake that somebody did to you this year?

Moving forward

Reflect 4

After reflecting on the achievement, lessons, and mistakes you did, determine what you plan to do moving forward.

  1. What is your next career step? Personal, relationship, business?
  2. What is your fitness goal?
  3. What is the next skill that you will study for?
  4. What will you do about your mistakes?
  5. Will you be willing to forgive those who hurt you?

From the answers to the questions above, you can now form your New Year’s Resolution 2.0. The one that you are sure will be staying with you throughout the year.

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