The Next YouTube Star? This Girl Rocks!

Making recordings in the comforts of her own bedroom or the living room in her home, Kawehi is not your typical artist yet she has the makings of one and is on her way to stardom. The budding star already has a following of over 123,500 subscribers on YouTube and as her videos continue to become viral, the numbers are expected to rise.

Going by the handle I Am Kawehi, this YouTube star has over 20 cool videos covering various songs, including Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and Sia’s “Chandelier”. She has also posted her own creations on the channel.

As a one-woman “band”, she’s truly an excellent musician who also has a great voice to match her technical music skills. Given the break she needs, she is sure to become a star one day, possibly becoming the next Tailor Swift.

Watch her cool performances in the video below. I bet the stars who released these music will appreciate Kawehi’s excellent covers of their songs.

Check out Kawehi’s version of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” in this video:

She also made a great version of Sia’s “Chandelier” in this cover:

Looking like a goddess, Kawehi also released this video in 2013:

What is a Cover?

A cover song, or simply a cover, is a version created by another artist for a previous recording. This original recording may or may not be popular but as long as it had been previously released commercially, this version is already considered a cover.

The new artist might tweak the lyrics and change the musical score a bit yet this does not change the fact that this is not his/her own song; therefore, it is considered a cover.