Lose Your Belly Fat in 28 Days Using This Simple Exercise

Getting rid of excessive fat can be a real challenge for most of us. Besides, doing regular exercise takes a lot of work. You really have to give your best efforts if you want to get real results.

Fortunately though, there is a way to lose weight without spending long hours on the gym. According to a blog post by Diply, it is possible improve your physical well-being in just 28 days using this simple 4-minute-a-day exercise. If implemented with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, this can be the surefire solution to becoming fit.

This exercise is called planking.

Photo credit: PhillyMag

Photo credit: PhillyMag

Not to be confused by the viral internet craze of the same name, planking is described by the website as an effective program that will “get you a noticeably tighter body in less than a month.” Compared with other exercise routines, planking is undoubtedly much easier and less complicated to perform. All you will need to get started is some determination and a floor – no need to spend on expensive equipment or costly gym fees.

To begin, you should do planks for at least 20 seconds and then “gradually make your way up to four or more minutes.” The chart below will show you how you should implement planking on a daily basis.

How do you make sure that you can do the exercise the right way? Here’s a short video that will explain the basics.


As Diply further assures:

“Four minutes isn’t much out of your day, but planks are a serious work-out for your muscles. It’s one of the best exercises for core conditioning and not only that, but it works your hamstrings, glutes, and even helps you maintain better posture. If you keep up for the whole 28 days and more while managing a healthy caloric intake, you’ll see some serious progress.”