Young Woman Becomes a Veterinarian after Meeting This Dog

A girl who fears dogs had a huge hurdle each time she goes to school because there is a huge dog that keeps barking at her every time she passes by the house where it was living. Each day was a struggle for her despite the dog being kept inside its owner’s gated property.

Even with the owner telling her the dog was actually gentle but just being protective, the girl continues to fear it.

One day, something terrible happened. The dog’s old owner passed away. Every day after that, the scene was different when the girl passes by the house because the dog stays quiet instead of incessantly barking until she moves away.

Realizing that there was no one feeding the dog, the girl begins to bring it daily rations; they became friends and she eventually brought it home. This dog would become her best friend and protector as well!

Then, as fate would have it, the dog was run over by a car. The girl tried to save it but the vet’s office was closed. Sadly, the dog died.

Realizing that her pet could have survived if the vet was around, the girl decides to become a vet so she could help save many pets’ lives!

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A veterinarian (vets) is a type of doctor who specializes in providing care and treatment for animals, instead of people. Just like doctors, they need to study in the field of medicine and take the proper exams before they can be considered as full-fledged vets.

Vets are more formally known as veterinary physicians. Their profession does not limit them to dogs and other domestic animals or pets – in fact, vets deal with a host of different animals species, depending on their training and specialization.

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