This Young Filipina Earns $70,000 For Travelling Across The World And Blogging About It

24-year-old Aileen Adalid is living the life most of us can only dream about. This young Filipina, who calls herself a ‘digital nomad,’ travels all over the globe and earns as much as $70,000 for blogging about her journeys.

At age 19, Aileen started working in the corporate world after completing her business management degree from De La Salle University in Mainla. She worked at Deutsche bank for a couple of years but eventually decided that she wanted to explore the world more, the Lad Bible tells us.

So she eventually quit her job and started working freelance as a web designer, graphic designer and online marketer. Without a fixed schedule to follow, this allowed her with more time to travel.

aileen adalid filipina travel blogger

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This inspired her to establish a lifestyle and travel blog which now makes at least $5,000 per month. Additionally, she also gets free travel and accommodation which means she gets to save about 70% of her blog’s income.

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In her website, Aileen shares her inspiring story this way:

“At 21, I quit my corporate job in the Philippines to follow my dreams of traveling the world. Today, I am a digital nomad (entrepreneur & travel writer) living a sustainable travel lifestyle!”

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Aileen hopes that through her site, she will be able to “show how it is absolutely possible to create a life of travel despite odds and circumstances” and “discuss the best types of experiences and resources that will help any kind of traveler in planning a memorable getaway or RTW (round-the-world) travel.”

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Aside from her site, she also regularly updates her Instagram account where she posts photos of her adventures.

What Are Other Ways To Make Money While Traveling?

In a LifeHack article, the website shared with us 13 different ways that can help you earn while you travel namely:

1. Street performing
2. Freelancing or tutoring
3. Fiverr or Odesk
4. Guest lecture
5. Get a job with an international traveling show
6. Work in a dispersed team or flexible job
7. Seasonal work
8. Resort work or summer camp work
9. Sales
10. Hostels, bars, restaurants
11. Beauty and hair
12. Au pair
13. Tour guide