Young Couple at “Kwek Kwek” Spot Goes Viral for Their Sweetness

A young couple who went to a “kwek kwek” spot to enjoy a snack has gone viral on social media after their photos were shared by a netizen who was amazed by their sweetness.

Denz Ceralde shared how he and his friends were in front of the Ramon Magsaysay school and near the church when they noticed a beautiful girl and a guy whom many netizens would soon assume as her boyfriend.

According to Ceralde, while he didn’t really ask the couple their names and relationship status, he and his friends were amazed by their sweetness. He said that the girl looks really beautiful; although it was easy to see that she’s disabled because she’s on a wheelchair which the guy lovingly pushes to their destination.

When Ceralde asked the kwek kwek vendor about the two, the vendor said that these students often hang out at the spot to buy some snacks and to study there as well.

Admiring the girl and impressed with what these two showed, Ceralde was all praises for them on social media – especially because he said the two seem so happy and content, something that you can easily read in their smiles.

The netizen snapped some photos and a video, sharing them on Facebook. He wrote how wonderful it is for these two to be happy and that they did not let disability become a hindrance in getting to school and get in the way of their love for each other, if they were in a relationship.

The girl was identified by netizens as Ella Mae Layar.

What can you say about this couple?

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