Young Aspiring Model Victimized by Extortionist on Facebook

Aside from connecting friends, the social network Facebook has become an effective means for some people to take advantage of others.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has warned netizens against the rising cases of modus operandi on the social media, particularly victimizing aspiring teenage models.

According to a report by ABS-CBN News, compromising photos of a 17-year-old teenage girl is now making rounds on Facebook. The victim who goes by the name Joan revealed that a supposed talent scout sent her a friend request on Facebook and gave her an offer to become a ramp model.

However, one of the conditions to become a model was for Joan to send unclothed photos to check if she has good body proportions.

Sadly, the innocent girl immediately sent her photos to the supposed talent scout. Eventually, she was told by the supposed talent scout to send money for her application.

“Ipapasa ko pa daw po siya (application) sa isang motel daw po na paguusapan then ako pa din daw ang magdadala ng pera. Dun na po ako kinutuban.” Joan told ABS-CBN News.

When Joan failed to show up on their meeting, the suspect circulated her compromising photos on social media.

The NBI revealed that there had been many similar cases to that of Joan’s and high school students are the usual victims of this modus operandi.

NBI Special Agent 3 Waldo Palattao said that minors are the usual targets since they can easily be enticed.

Watch the video report below.

How to Report Inappropriate Photos and Videos on Facebook

From time to time, Facebook users encounter inappropriate photos, videos and other contents on the social network. Fortunately, there’s a way to have these removed on the social media.

To report inappropriate photos and videos on Facebook, simply do these steps.

  1. Expand the photo or video by clicking on it.
  2. At the bottom right, click options.
  3. You may now click Report Photo or Report Video.
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