This Slapping Alarm Clock Will Surely Wake You Up

Having trouble getting up in the morning? I assure you’re not alone in this.

Waking up can really be difficult especially if you are a deep sleeper or are probably up all night watching movies or partying with your buddies. Also, comfortable beds are often more powerful than the noise of alarm clocks.

YouTuber and inventor Simone Giertz knows the struggle to well and so she came up with a brilliant solution – an alarm clock that makes the bed “a little less comfortable.”

“I built an alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning by slapping me in the face with a rubber arm,” shared Simone in the video description. “I picked apart a clock, wired it to an Arduino UNO and controlled a 165 rpm brushless DC motor through a relay.”

As you can guess, it’s a witty idea that’s guaranteed to bring hilarious results.

You can watch the video here:

Effective Tips for Waking Up In The Morning

There are, of course, other practical things you can do to wake up in the morning. For example, you can move the alarm clock away from your bed so you’ll have no choice but to get up to turn hit the snooze button.

Also, developing regular sleeping habit can be good. Sleeping at the same time each night can make a big difference in helping instill the pattern to your system.

Adjusting the window blinds may seem like a little thing but it allows natural light to penetrate your room which in turn stimulates your body to wake up. Besides, it is easier to wake up in a lighter room compared to a darker one.

Finally, having quality rest time is possibly the best idea. Aim to eliminate any noise or light so you can sleep comfortably. Adjust the temperature. Avoid eating too much or drinking caffeine before going to bed.

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