Yaya Dub and Alden Richards Spotted on a Date at McDo?

Fictional super couple Yaya Dub and Alden Richards spotted dating at McDonald’s? We had just found a video featuring the two engaged in a sing-out at a McDo outlet, belting out “Ikaw Lang ang Aking Mahal” to each other while waving sticks of delicious fried chicken but this turns out to be an ad for the outlet’s new chicken fillet ala king.

So, did the two finally meet and were already dating? Their first meeting turned disastrous after “Plywood” (yes, that’s a piece of plywood) blocked their way but AlDub fans were hoping the two would finally meet. Was the McDo date proof that they had already met?

Well, it turns out this was another non-meeting as the two weren’t really together in the clip. Yaya Dub was just alone at a McDo outlet, belting out the song but was not on a date with Alden. So, where was Alden, anyway? Alas! They would have met if only they were not so busy singing the song – since Alden was actually riding a van which happened to pass by the McDonald’s outlet where Yaya Dub was singing her heart out, but alone at the table by the window…

When’s this pair going to meet, anyway? The suspense is killing me!

For now, we have to be content with watching this super-kilig video and hope that the #AlDub loveteam will meet each other soon…

Commercials by Celebrities

Why are celebrities used by brands to sell their products? The answer is really quite simple: because fans would love to use products their idols are using and would be more than willing to shell out their extra cash if it meant using the same perfume, the same bag, the same outfits their idols wear. The same goes with food items and various products.

It does not really matter whether these celebrities actually use the brand in reality yet they make a lasting impression on their fans. Thus, brands are willing to pay these celebrities to endorse their products.

We’ll not keep you waiting. Here’s the love team’s first commercial:

AlDub Ko ToAlDub you all – this one’s for you! Ulit-ulitin ang kilig! #ALDUBKoTo #ALDUBonMcDoTVC

Posted by McDonald’s on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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