Xian Gaza Surprises Everyone When He Revealed That The Proceeds To Sold Jacket Will Go To A Good Cause

Remember the controversial guy who “wanted to score a date” by asking actress Erich Gonzales out on a coffee date using a full-sized billboard?

Well, unfortunately, aside from getting Erich’s “No” he also became the subject of bashing. A lot of former acquaintances and friends even exposed him as a scammer and he was also linked to another actress Ella Cruz.

He became quiet until then, but a few days ago, he started making noise again by posting his eyebrow-raising offer that got everybody talking.

Xian Gaza 1


Apparently, Xian Gaza was selling this gray jacket he wore when he asked Erich out on a date. He is selling it for P48,888. Yep, you read that right. It’s a fixed price offer and it’s not negotiable.

Xian Gaza 2


What kept the people talking is that the offer comes with freebies which are a red iPhone and a trip to Maldives.

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Xian knew that some people will think that it was a troll offer but he assured the public that it was a legitimate sale.

In the evening of October 12, 2017, Xian announced a very good news that somebody took his offer and bought his items. According to him, a bidding was held, resulting in the final price of P135,000 from the original posting of P48,888.

Along with his announcement, came a heartwarming surprise that I bet nobody expected. Now we know he’s not just there to be famous.

Xian Gaza 3


Apparently, all along, the post was for a good cause. The bashers on Xian’s first post might be nail-biting by now.

Xian Gaza 4


This is Mandy, a 12-year-old who is already serving as a mother to her siblings since her mom was jailed. Her story was shown on Jessica Soho’s show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

Xian Gaza 5


All the proceeds of Xian’s sold items amounting to P135,000 are for Mandy and her siblings.

As a last message to all his bashers and the negative thinkers,  Xian is giving all the siblings a full scholarship and is also trying to bail out their mom from jail with the help of his lawyers.

Respect to you, Xian Gaza.