Wrong Sent Text Message Leads to Unexpected Act of Kindness for Kid in ICU

These days, it is easy to contact people through text messages, phone calls, or even via various channels on the internet, such as Messenger, email, or other social media. Sometimes text messages get sent to the wrong number, after the sender types a number by mistake.

Recently, someone sent a message to the wrong number, and this would lead to an unexpected act of kindness for a child confided in the ICU.

Photo credit: GoFundMe

Hey Brother Jakeman, this is Sister Fink, we are bringing you dinner tomorrow, I was wondering what time would be a good time to bring it over,” Abby Fink sent in a message intended for a family friend.

But she mistyped a number, sending it to another person instead.

Oooh! What are you bringing me?” joked the receiver. “I’m allergic to seafood.

Realizing her mistake after receiving the reply, Abby explained that it was for a family whose kid was holding on to dear life at the ICU.

What can I do to help?” the receiver immediately typed back.

Photo credit: SunnySkyz

Abby didn’t ask for anything but prayers for little Noah Jakeman who’s just 3 years old but his organs are shutting down.

The guy replied that he really doesn’t pray but would love to help with food, donations, or anything the family needed. While it all started out as a wrongly sent text message, the guy at the other line who identified himself as “Bill” would soon help out.

Bill rallied his friends to send cards and gifts for Noah. This kind guy even sought the help of a local charity to assist with the other things that Noah and his family needed!

Photo credit: GoFundMe

He’s also happy to help out, even if the didn’t know the family at all!

Abby thinks it was no coincidence that she wrongly sent the message to him.

I told Bill, ‘I don’t know if you believe in God or not, but I believe you were sent here to help this family.’ I told him he was an angel,” she said.

What is an Angel?

An angel is a celestial being that Christians believe to exist in heaven or the spirit realm. They are believed to foster goodness and protect people.

While angels are mostly depicted as creatures in white gowns, with huge wings and holding a harp, there are so-called ‘black angels’ who are supposed to be the complete opposite of the good ones.