Workers Buy Gold Bracelet for Their Office Cleaner, Sweet Gesture Goes Viral

After learning that their office is relocating to another location but won’t be bringing along the cleaning staff, workers at an office decided to buy a gold bracelet for their long-time cleaner. The sweet gesture went viral, with many netizens praising these workers for their kindness to the old lady.

Workers Gift Office Cleaner with Gold Bracelet

In many offices and buildings or business establishments around the world, the cleaners are hired through an agency and are not direct employees of the facility.

Just like many others, an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia had cleaners who are from an agency but an old woman has been with them for many years. Thus, although she isn’t really a regular worker of the company, she is good friends with many of the workers in that office. She is considered a motherly figure in that office.

So, when the company decided to move its operations from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya, the workers thought that the old woman would also be with them. After learning that their company has terminated the cleaner agency’s contract because they will have a new one at the new location, the workers decided to buy a gift for their beloved cleaner.

Twitter user Izwan Sajjer shared some photos of the sweet moment that the office workers presented the old cleaner with the brand new gold bracelet they got for her. Apparently, the workers had contributed some money to buy a gift for their friendly cleaner but they collected so much that they thought it would be best to get her something valuable.

She has been cleaning our company for years and is always friendly. So, we all decided to come together and buy her a gold bracelet to repay her deeds,” Izwan said.

Kudos to these kindhearted workers!

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