Workaholic Bride Goes Viral for Working on Laptop as Groom Watches in Frustration

A workaholic bride goes viral for working on her laptop as her groom watches in frustration. What is so important, anyway, that she can’t even wait for the wedding to be finished before she does her work, huh?

Too Much Work or Just a Workaholic?

If you are complaining about too much work and that your boss is breathing down on your neck so you can get that deadline done, you’ll surely have a good laugh (or cry) as you watch this bride still doing some work at her wedding!

The groom watches in frustration while his bride uses the laptop and even her phone during the wedding. It seems that he is realizing just what life would be with her in the future – because she can’t even put down her laptop while they are getting married. Whew.

Dressed up in full finery while tapping away on her laptop, mostly ignoring her groom as she worked, the bride would quickly become a viral meme as netizens jokingly called her the most workaholic person in history. Too much pressure from work, perhaps?

Ha ha ha. Heights of work pressure. This guy might be thinking that he have to do work of home as his wife would be busy in Work From Home,” one netizen joked.

In the video, the bride could be seen intently working and ignoring everyone else, including her groom. Can’t her work wait for a few more minutes? Perhaps she should have completed the job before the ceremony or asked her boss for a little more time because it is her wedding day after all. Didn’t she apply for leave?

If you think you are under work pressure then watch this… via WA @hvgoenka,” Dinesh Joshi (@dineshjoshi70) wrote as he shared the video on Twitter.

What is a Workaholic?

A workaholic is a person who works compulsively. It may cost this person sleep because he thinks too much of work. It might also be the source of problems with the person’s family because he/she is too focused on work to have time for them.