Woman With No Legs Empowers Women As She Model For An Underwear Brand

Some people give up on life when hard times come. But some people prove that no matter how hard it goes, they won’t let then hardships bring them down.

A lot of people who are handicapped seem to give up on their dreams, but there are those who don’t. And these people are the ones who are worthy of our praise for not letting life take them down.

Take Kanya Sesser, a 23-year-old woman who was born with no legs for example. Kanya had a rough start in life, but she never let that stop her from achieving her dreams.

Kanya 1


Right now, she is a master in skateboarding, skiing, and surfing. As a matter of fact, she is preparing for a mono-ski competition at the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games.

How amazing can you be? You go, girl!

If you are not impressed with her sport, this will probably do the trick. Aside from being fir and sporty despite her handicap, she is also an underwear model.

Yes! She just landed a modeling gig for an underwear company called PantyProp for their new campaign. Their new panties are able to conceal sanitary napkin and keeping it in place.

Kanya 2


The main objective of the campaign is to let women stay comfortable during their red days by preventing leaks and uneasiness.

What better way to embody this new product than to have someone like Kanya model it, right?

In their ad, Kanya can be seen relaxing, doing normal girly stuff and even brushing her teeth, all the time, rocking on her underwear.

Kanya believes that the ad is about women empowerment.

“It’s about women empowerment – be comfortable in your skin.”

“I’m sexy in my own skin.”

True enough, no one could have been able to show true confidence than her in her confident smile and physique.

Watch the video here: