Woman with Master’s Degree Leaves the City, Becomes a Farmer in the Province

A 27-year-old woman with a Master’s Degree leaves the city and moves to province to focus on farming – and the move was met with praise on social media. Some people even envy her simpler but happier lifestyle…

Busy Life in the Big City

Nuraishah Shamsudin, 27, lived a busy life in the big city. She completed her Masters in Art degree from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) in Shah Alam, Malaysia. But she would later ditch her freelance designer career to focus on farming.

Photo credit: Twitter / @Nuraishams

She had a busy career as freelance designer but while hunting for jobs in the city, she decided to go back home to rest for a while. With her Master’s Degree, she thought that she would soon find a job and get back to the city.

While waiting, she enjoyed planting fruits and vegetables at their farm. Since she grew up helping her grandpa at their farm, she didn’t mind the manual labor and enjoyed her time tilling the land.

But as the days passed, she grew worried because she didn’t hear from the companies that she applied to. And when she finally received their reply, she learned that she was not accepted.

I was quite disappointed when my application results came back negative as I applied every job according to my qualifications and for what I wanted to do. But at the same time, I’m glad that God gave me a chance to garden a lot longer,” Nuraishah said.

Healthier Life in the Province

As the weeks passed, Nuraishah realized that she’s better cut for a life in the province. While she still misses the big city from time to time, she actually loved spending the entire day in the farm and cooking the fresh vegetables from their garden.

The manual labor also helped her lose 18kg of excess weight – and the healthy lifestyle cured her PCOS, a hormonal disorder. Wow.


Today, Nuraishah spends most of her days in the farm, working from morning until night, accompanied by her chubby cat, Copot.

What’s a Freelance Career?

A freelance career is one wherein a person works for themselves, not for a company. While freelancers take on contract with companies, they are not classified as regular workers of the company. Thus, they are not entitled to company benefits and are considered as self-employed.