Woman Wakes Up to “Ghost’ in Her Bedroom

A woman was sleeping alone in her bedroom woke up to a ghost removing her blanket and turning the lights on and off!

According to the woman, Iris Alamo, she’s been having trouble with sleeping for some time and decided to set up a CCTV camera to determine why she could hardly sleep at night. She was shocked to discover that a ‘ghost’ had been the one responsible for her problems.

In the clip, the woman could be seen sleeping soundly on her bed and alone in the room. Then, the bathroom door opened even if there was no one around. Almost immediately, her blanket was pulled off her body and, confused, she woke up and looked around.


Screenshot of video by Iris J Alamo / Facebook

The lights of the room soon turned on and off – and watching the footage closely, it would seem that there were strobes of light appearing in the room quite possibly signifying that there are orbs around. Orbs are believed to be ghosts or what could be seen of ghosts through a camera lens.

While she does look a bit scared, Alamo stood up and closed the bathroom door. Still, the lights continued to flash on and off in her room but eventually stopped, quite possibly because she did not feel scared, anyway.

But while the woman appeared to make a phone call, it seems that the call did not connect or that the woman decided not to proceed with the call – after all, it was the middle of the night and she probably did not want to bother her friends.

The clip ended with no resolution as to what really happened, leading some people to believe that the video was faked.

There’s a debate as to the authenticity of the video; though Alamo stands by her claim that the video was authentic.

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took almost a year but finally caught something on video � this is probably why i can’t sleep at night

Posted by Iris J Alamo on Sunday, September 25, 2016

What are Orbs?

Orbs are circular spots that appear in photos or videos even if they were not seen by people. It is believed that these spots are spirits/ghosts.