Woman Posts Warning on Facebook after Brother Gets Wounded from Pillbox Given by Stranger

A young woman who lives in Cavite has posted a warning on Facebook after her brother was wounded from a pillbox given to him and his friends by a stranger.

According to netizen Anne Laurina II, her brother and his friends were playing at F. De Castro in Cavite when someone gave them a large marble-like thing. The innocent kids accepted the object, thinking it was a plaything and continued having fun among themselves.

Unfortunately, many of them got wounded when the thing got dropped. The explosion was so loud, sounding like a gunshot.

Cops investigating the matter told the family that the marble-like object was actually a pillbox. The kids, of course, had no idea what it was and gladly played with it because it did look like a toy.

Laurina revealed that her brother received deep gashes from the pillbox which contained a lot of metal shards.

It was a good thing the boy wasn’t fatally wounded and is now recuperating. We could only imagine what could have happened if the shards hit a major organ or had hit his eyes and his head. Poor kid.

Laurina shared photos of her brother in hopes that this would serve a warning for other kids. She also hopes parents and guardians will warn their children to be extra careful and to not accept anything from strangers, no matter how delicious or enticing it might look like.

As of press time, the culprit has not been identified. Netizens suggested that CCTV footage from nearby establishments be checked so that the guy could be identified. We do hope he gets caught so he wouldn’t harm more kids like Laurina’s brother.

What is a Pillbox?

A pillbox is a kind of explosive that might contain metal shards inside which become projectiles once the bomb explodes.