Woman Meets Accident after Mistaking Monkey’s Red Butt as Red Lights

When the traffic lights turn red, you are expected to stop. But one woman mistook a monkey’s red butt to a red light and ended up meeting an accident.

The incident happened in Guizhou, China.

The woman was driving along Wuhan road in the city one chilly morning. As she approached the intersection and was surprised to see the light was already red. She quickly slammed on the brakes as she might run the red light but the vehicle following her didn’t see the same ‘red light’ and wasn’t able to stop in time.

Photo credit: Sina

The black Peugeot car hit the woman’s Hyundai sedan, causing damages to both vehicles. The driver was furious, of course, as he chided the woman for making a sudden stop. He pointed out that the light wasn’t even red and that the vehicle was also still some distance from the pedestrian lane.

She started to explain that she was afraid to run the red light, only to learn that the traffic light was actually a monkey’s butt! LOL.

A lot of motorists would soon stop and take photos of the cheeky monkey that caused the unexpected accident. News of the creature causing an accident at the highway quickly spread and was soon heard by the circus who owned it.

Owners of the circus accepted full responsibility over the incident, promising to pay for the damages incurred on both vehicles as the accident was partly the monkey’s fault.

Photo credit: Sina

It was revealed that the monkey had escaped earlier from the circus and that the staff had been looking for it. They were happy to learn that the monkey was unharmed but a bit disappointed that it caused the accident.

Thankfully, the drivers were not hurt by the accident; although the woman was quite embarrassed for mistaking the monkey’s butt for red traffic lights. Ooops.