Woman Hears Elderly Neighbors Screaming in Hunger, Starts Bringing Them Food Everyday

A woman living in an apartment block often hears some old voices screaming in hunger but could not find them. One day, she decided to investigate. She made a heartbreaking discovery: an elderly mother and her daughter are living by themselves and often in hunger at an upstairs apartment.

Photo credit: Ika (@nnshafika)

Netizen Ika (@nnshafika) shared a video of the family on her Twitter account. The story would go viral, sparking help from the community.

Ika lives in an apartment in Malaysia. One day, she plucked up the courage to seek out the voices she could hear screaming in hunger from somewhere in the apartment block.

Photo credit: Ika (@nnshafika)

She felt heartbroken as she discovered an old Nyonya Chinese woman living in sad conditions with an old daughter. Both had trouble walking or moving around in their apartment.

Both are old and don’t have a job. Thus, most days they don’t have nothing to eat! That is why she kept on hearing them scream.

Ika took pity on the two and decided to start bringing them food every day.

Photo credit: Ika (@nnshafika)

This Nyonya aunty stays with only her daughter. They’re both very old. No money or food. They’re Chinese so there’s not much help they can get from the government (though I’m not sure about this yet). So if there are kind people in and around Wangsa Maju Section 1, please do help with food and drinks,” Ika wrote.

Thankfully, a lot of people took pity on the two and just like Ika, they decided to help out. There were even those who offered to clean the apartment and provide a more comfortable place for the two to live in.

What is a Nyonya?

Nyonya is actually a term that Malaysians and Indonesians use for a married lady of foreign origin.