Woman Forces Old Dad to Jump on Train Tracks So She Could Collect His Insurance Money

A woman in China has gained the internet’s major disapproval after she was filmed forcing her dad to jump on the train tracks so she could collect his insurance money.

According to reports, commuters at this particular station were waiting for the train to arrive when they saw an old man jump into the tracks and just stood there. Because of his actions, they were quite sure he was trying to get hit by the in-coming train but because he jumped too soon, the train was still not there and he waited.

Thinking the old man must have lost his mind, a commuter rushed to him and helped him out as the other commuters screamed, surely asking the heroic guy to hurry up as the train could arrive any second and the old man might be hit.

Photo credit: Best Videos / YouTubeElite Readers

Thankfully, the stranger was able to save the old man but a woman was suddenly running towards them and began kicking the old man back to the train tracks. The old man’s savior and the other commuters were shocked, especially after learning that this woman was actually his eldest daughter.

The crazed woman screamed at the other passengers to stop interfering, going back to kicking her dad back to the tracks! Security forces intervened, preventing her from reaching her old dad while also convincing her to stop.

It turned out this lady wanted her dad to kill himself in public so she could collect his insurance money but her plan backfired when the other commuters saved him.

But didn’t she know that most insurance companies do not cover deaths by suicide? We could only hope she will be jailed for good as she would surely try to make her old dad do this again so she could get his money. Poor old man…

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