Woman Discovers Husband was the Blood Donor Who Saved Her Life 11 Years Ago

A guy who loves to donate blood to save strangers would end up saving the life of his future wife!

Lian was just 20 years old when he began to regularly donate blood to those in need. He hails from Hsinchu, a city in northern Taiwan. As he regularly donates his blood, he has surely saved countless of strangers’ lives; one of these is that of Lim, a Taiwanese woman who got into an accident 11 years ago.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

The severe accident nearly cost Lim’s life, especially because her body’s blood clotting mechanism failed. Two bags of platelets and 10 bags of blood had to be transfused into her body before her condition finally stabilized.


Seven years after the accident, Lim took over her family’s business in Hsinchu. There, she met Lian, a glutinous rice dumpling seller. The two hit it off immediately and would soon become a couple.

They got married in March 2018; but even then, they had no idea about their ‘blood connection’ until some months later when they talked about the accident. Feeling thankful that she survived the accident because of the donors’ blood, Lim decided to thank them all – even if a decade had passed since it happened.

But when she tried to contact hospitals and blood donation centers, they refused to give her information about the blood donors, saying such was confidential. Lim did not give up, knowing she had to thank these people.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

Finally, a staff relented and gave her a list of surnames. When the staff read out ‘Lian’, she instinctively recited her husband’s identification number – and the staff was surprised that it matched the record!

How did you know that?!” the staff asked in amazement.

He’s my husband now!” the stunned Lim replied.

The two are now sharing their story in hopes of encouraging more people to donate blood.

Lian even joked that men should do it because donating blood could land them a wife. But this story is so wonderful, right?

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