Woman Diagnosed with Brain Degenerative Disease after Graduation, Receives Help from Netizens

For students, graduation from college is the ultimate fulfillment of their dreams to become full-fledged professionals. Afterwards, they go on to the ‘real’ world – as in finding a job and stuff.

Mary Jelly C. Ambrosio from Lingayen, Pangasinan in the Philippines was just like everyone else. She spent years of studying and was quite excited when she finally graduated from the University of the Philippines Baguio (UP Baguio) in Baguio City.

And just like everyone else, she was also excited to find a job and work her way up the corporate ladder. Sadly, her life didn’t go as planned.

Instead of finding a job and giving back to her family for their years of sacrifice just as she planned, those didn’t materialize because just a few months after graduation, she was diagnosed with brain degenerative disease.

At first, Jelly’s family tried their best to take her to the doctors and spend for her treatment but because they also had difficult making ends meet, they soon resorted to just taking care of her at home. They could no longer afford hospital treatment.

For 8 years now, Jelly has been battling the condition. Her body has gotten weaker and she had lost sight on both eyes some years ago. Despite her worsening condition, Jelly does not wish for anything for herself because she only hopes that her family will be together and they are healthy.

Her heartbreaking plight recently came to the internet’s attention after Facebook page Health Budz shared her story.

Some days after the post went viral, several netizens sent donations to the family and Jelly is now able to undergo CT scan as the last one had been 4 years ago. The family was overwhelmed by the support they received from strangers.

It’s great how people have come together to help someone in need.