Woman Crashes into Overpass Stairs after Seeing a Cockroach in Her Car

We all have things, especially creepy crawlies, that just makes us feel frightened no matter how small and insignificant (and harmless) these might be!

For many, it could be worms and other squirmy creatures but there are also those who would easily pass out at the sight of a cockroach, especially a flying one! One woman in Jurong East Central, Singapore actually got into an accident after seeing a cockroach inside her car. Ooops.

According to the report on The Star Online, the 61-year-old woman was driving a red Mazda last January 26, Friday. She was alone in her car and was just passing through a highway in Jurong East Central, near Science Centre Road, at about 7:30AM when she saw a cockroach crawling inside her car.

Photo credit: The Star

The cockroach had given her such a fright that she accidentally slammed on the accelerator and subsequently lost control of her car. She crashed into the stairs of a nearby overpass.

Thankfully, the woman was conscious and was quickly taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. It was also quite lucky that the woman did not hit anyone else or that could have been fatal to the victim/s as the car had slammed with much force unto the stairs of the overpass.

The elderly woman only suffered minor injuries due to the crash.

Photo credit: The Star

According to the report, the old woman’s son arrived soon after at the crash scene. While the cops are still investigating the case, the reports noted that they are treating this as a pure accident led by the woman’s shock upon seeing the cockroach.

It remains unsure whether the old woman would still drive a car when she recovers from her injuries but we hope she doesn’t encounter another cockroach the next time she drives – or she could, at least, bring some bug spray with her so she wouldn’t crash again.