Woman and Her Family Given Free Rent, Free Groceries by Kindhearted Landlord

The COVID-19 crisis has affected millions of people across the world, but stories of kindness have also amazed us all. For example, one woman and her family did not only receive free rent from their kindhearted landlord but also free groceries!

Free Rent, Free Groceries

Christina Marie of Saginaw, Michigan shared that her landlord named Alan called her up to tell her that she didn’t have to pay the month’s rent. Raising a family with four children, Christina was truly grateful that Alan offered them free rent for the month.

But his kindness did not stop there. According to Christina, Alan asked whether they still had food left. She told him that they still had 3 packs of meat left but she would need to go buy more groceries that week. He told her “Okay. Be safe.”

Sometime later, Christina received another text message from her landlord, telling her to check the front porch. On the porch that has clearly seen better days are packs of groceries, including potatoes, fruits, milk, diapers, and other stuff are there, waiting for her and her family!

Touched by her landlord’s kindness, Christina snapped a photo to share with her friends and to thank her kind landlord Alan. But the gesture did not just impress her friends because the post would soon go viral! A lot of people from all over the world were touched by Alan’s kindness.

Though Christina did not say it, many believe she is struggling to support her family in these difficult times but it was wonderful that her landlord would give them plenty of groceries that’s likely to last them a couple of weeks. That’s aside from letting them stay for free that month.

Hard times bring out big hearts,” one netizen wrote.

This event is showing us goodness coming out of everyone!!!” another commented.

Rent in the Time of COVID-19

So many people are affected by COVID-19, landlords and tenants alike. Many governments encourage landlords to give their tenants 1 month free rent while others didn’t wait for anyone to tell them so. Others, like Alan, gave their tenants free rent for the month plus some extra money or food.