Wedding Proposal Goes Wrong As Guy Mistakenly Forgets The Ring

Aside from the wedding itself, perhaps one of the most romantic moments for all couples is that day when the guy finally falls on one knee and asks his girl the ultimate life-changing question, “Will you marry me?”

For this reason, many guys make an effort to ensure that their wedding proposal is unique and memorable. If you will browse YouTube, for instance, you will see numerous videos of romantic wedding proposals. Some of these examples are really elaborate while others take the simple route. Regardless, the aim is to make the proposal special so that the woman will feel the man’s sincerity and love.

In some strange twist of things, Greg Nottingham’s proposal to Sax Brinkley, his girlfriend of five years, went unexpectedly hilarious.

Photo credit:Caters Clips

Photo credit:Caters Clips

Greg planned a special day with Sax by having a lovely riverside picnic date in Utah. Unknown to her, some of their friends are watching from a distance and are secretly filming so as to capture the memorable moment on video. However, Greg was extremely surprised when, upon reaching his pocket for the ring box, he noticed one important thing was missing – the engagement ring itself.

When he realized the embarrassing realization, he had no choice but to propose anyway since he was already on his knees. Sax couldn’t help but laugh when Greg admitted what was happening at the moment. Still, it’s heartwarming to hear her repeatedly answer “yes” before Greg even finished his question.

Photo credit:Caters Clips

Photo credit:Caters Clips

There really is true love, after all!

Watch the funny but sweet video here:

The video was eventually uploaded on YouTube by Caters Clips and it immediately attracted over 34,000 views. It has also been shared many times on social media.

For anyone planning to propose in the future, make sure you don’t forget the ring.