Watch: Touching Moment Dad Skips Watching Daughter’s Recital So He Could Join Her On Stage!

What if you were given a chance to seize the moment and do something that you have always wanted to do? Would you seize that moment or would you put it off for some other time when you are not busy and have more time to do it?

In an ad by Quaker, we are taken to a story of a family whose youngest daughter loves to dance. She was asked what thing she wanted most to do – and she candidly replied that she would love to perform a dance on stage with her father. It is clear that she enjoys a close relationship with her dad.

…and they planned to keep dad’s involvement in the recital a secret from mom…

On the day of her recital, mom and other members of the family were frantic when dad has not arrived yet and the show was about to start. It seemed to them that dad was too busy at work to make it on time – but he actually had a surprise waiting for them.

It was the girl’s time to shine. She danced so gracefully on stage, much to the delight of the audience. Her mom was happy to watch her dance yet sad that dad was not able to watch their daughter’s recital.

…then, it was dad’s time to join his daughter on stage…

What is a Recital?

A recital is a musical performance which can highlight a single performer or a group of performers. This could also be vocal, instrumental, or both. There are also dance recitals (such as the one in the video).

The recital can showcase the works of a single composer and could use just a single instrument, such as the piano. It was Franz Liszt who is believed to be the inventor of the solo piano recital.

Recitals are often organized by music schools to showcase the talents and progress of their students.

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